I need to learn #22 but I’ve got #27 down!

32 ways to stay creative

There are probably way more than 33 ways but this list offers up some great ideas. This summer will be extra busy as I prep for a writing lab/intensive to make certain my prospectus (essentially a breakdown of my master’s thesis) will be in decent shape by the time I start my second year (this fall). Essentially, I’m conducting lit review for the next few months! This process entails reading, research, and a sh*tload of writing (crappy writing for the most part but this is what editing is all about!). I’m going into some really interesting directions, for sure. If you can believe it, I have yet another virtual space dedicated to my observations and experiences about school. But I have yet to update that space since the Fall 2012 semester. I’ll definitely share some academic stuff (i.e., favorite readings from my first year and the top 10 things I’ve learned).

For now, enjoy the list and get creative!!

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6 responses to “I need to learn #22 but I’ve got #27 down!”

  1. Great list. I need to learn 29!!!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It’s funny because “being someone else’s perfect” is not possible. Everyone has their own idea of perfection. I remember taking guitar lessons years ago and my guitar teacher at the time would say, “Progress NOT perfection.” THIS is so true because the imperfections and failures in my life make the perfect life for me…for Dorothy and nobody else. BUT I think it is especially challenging because we always want to be better than we are and, sometimes, mistake this for “being someone else’s perfect.” Thanks again for sharing and engaging.

    1. Thank you, Vasare! I reference it from time to time. Great reminders of how to stay creative and activate and re-activate the brain!

  2. CanineTrackers Avatar

    (Maybe you picked the Number 33 on purpose.) You’re already creative, don’t forget the magical power of love, and the one beside you.

    Reminds me of musician Wendy Haas, “Just what is this strange new feeling, that possesses me this way. I’m in love with lovely feelings, and they come from…everywhere! 🙂

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