Logic School

Despite the start to 2022 being rather challenging, it’s been wonderful to reflect on all of the wonderful things that gave me hope this past year. One of the projects I had the pleasure and honor of working on was the development of Logic School (LS). Alongside good friend and collaborator, writer, artist, scholar, and author of Blockchain Chicken Farm, Xiaowei R. Wang (they/them), I had the privilege of bearing witness to the birth and flourishing of their brainchild!

As the Executive Director of Processing Foundation, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and gained a lot of experience needed to run an organization, funding, development, program management, and community organizing. Taking all of the experience and allowing myself to work on projects such as LS have shown me that it is possible to dream and build something better. But it takes a an inordinate amount of work, care, intention, collaboration, openness, and willingness (to be wrong, to fail, and to learn) to bring it all to fruition. While the school was in session spring 2021, the LS yearbook was recently completed and it is remarkable and extraordinary. Please check out the inaugural yearbook here and read the transcription of my conversation with the one and only Xiaowei here. ♥️

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