Critical Coding Cookbook

Image alt text: Homepage of the Critical Coding Cookbook website. Behind the title, Critical Coding Cookbook: an Intersectional Feminist Approach to Teaching and Learning, there is a dark background with tessellated neon yellow and pink triangles.

It was a joy and delight putting this “recipe” together for the Critical Coding Cookbook. Although I consider myself a perpetual novice at creative coding and programming, one of the most memorable parts of learning how to code was when I first used Processing back, sometime in 2010 (I think!) to create patterns and shapes. In recent years, I’ve created text generators with p5.js and have used the p5 Editor to experiment and play around with making simple games. Please take a look at the amazing recipes from artists, writers, and educators.

Official Project Description and Contributors List

the Critical Coding Cookbook website contains a collection of 24 recipes that consider computer programming from cultural, philosophical, and decolonial frameworks. 

Visit to check out contributions by Kit Kuksenok, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Noam Youngrak Son, Morgan Green, Kathy Wu, evelyn masso, Dorothy R. Santos, Sara Rivera, Tegan Bristow, Lavannya Surresh, Shafali J, Micah A, Sanketh K, Echo Theohar, Kevin Lee, Shayna Robinson, Anuradha Reddy, Nancy Mauro-Flude (, Roopa Vasudevan, Kemi Sijuwade-Ukadike, Joana Chicau, Renick Bell, Becca Rose, Mario Guzman, Winnie Yoe, Annina Rüst, and Tamara Moura Costa. 

The project is led and edited by Xin Xin and Katherine Moriwaki. Visual identity, website design, and implementation by Kevin Cadena.

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