As the subject to the post states, this weekend, if you want your fill of art, your wish has been granted. I LOVE this time of year because I become intoxicated by art due to the copious amounts of visual, mental, and intellectual stimulation with all the art fair hopping.

Click on each the event below to learn more about it!



I’m sure these events don’t need any of my marketing but, I would like to offer the benefits of attending art fairs. They are as follows:

  • Art increases brain activity and ensure the synapses keep firing
  • Social engagement! You can meet all types of individuals at these events and, if you’re dating someone, take them and look at art together. Trust me, you learn a lot about people through their opinions. Right? Right!
  • Don’t know much about Modern and/or Contemporary Art? THIS is your chance to see who is emerging in the Bay Area as well as artists from around the globe.
  • Related to the above, galleries involved and showcasing their stable of artists are NOT only from the Bay Area. There are international exhibitors and artists. It’s as if the gallery from New York or Berlin is coming to you. How awesome is that?
  • Art just gives you perspective. I mean, seriously, what’s the gateway drug to culture, critical thinking, and engaging – ART! Plain and simple.

All right, I have to get going. So much to write to do this week BUT I wanted to get this post in and promote some amazing San Francisco Art events!! Hope to see you there.


Click the image to view the artMRKT San Francisco website

If you’re up for seeing contemporary art and curious what the art world looks like when you get a bunch of galleries together showcasing their stable of artists, then pay a visit to the artMRKT San Francisco. It’s a wonderful look into the contemporary art world. Looking at the exhibitors list, you will find some great San Francisco galleries (i.e., Jack Fischer, Catherine Clark, Paule Anglim, and more). The MRKTworks Auction is an event that auctions off donated works, which then go to a beneficiary (one of them being quite special to me). Again, if you’re up for a one or a few days of art, artMRKT will not disappoint. See you there!