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The Trifecta of Art Fairs ~ SF Arts Fair | artMRKT | ArtPad & EXCITING STUFF

I learned a phrase a several months ago – FOMO. It stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. However, suffering from FOMO is inevitable for creative types. We constantly need stimulation to get everything going. In my last post, I wrote about taking a break (because they are important). Well, you know what happens when you take a break, […]

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Buddha Z Illusion by Zi Won Wang

The Kips Gallery (New York, NY) showcased artist Ziwon Wang at the San Francisco Art Fair. I was compelled to take film footage since photography just isn’t enough. These sculptures are definitely an experience.


Art up to your ears (this weekend only)

As the subject to the post states, this weekend, if you want your fill of art, your wish has been granted. I LOVE this time of year because I become intoxicated by art due to the copious amounts of visual, mental, and intellectual stimulation with all the art fair hopping. Click on each the event below to learn […]