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New Art Love ~ Michelle Higa

Image Source: Artist Website

When you’re constantly on the look out for great art, you will find it. Please check out Michelle Higa’s work by clicking on the screenshot above. Latest work, Active Ecosystem (SMF) with Camille Utterback.

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Words, Words, and more Words (in motion)

What happens when the viewer has the ability to control placement of letters to form words with their body and through gesture? How does this form of participation translate to art? How does the interface dictate the way the work is received? Please view Camille Utterback’s work, Text Rain, and share your thoughts.

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Camille Utterback, Artist and Founder of Creative Nerve

If you’re not familiar with Utterback’s work, please familiarize yourself.
She’s phenomenal AND a presenting artist with Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA)…