We Are not Trayvon Martin

We Are not Trayvon Martin Dear Community, While this virtual space is dedicated to my research and writing on new media as well as the Bay Area arts community, I felt compelled to share a tumblr that has been circulating on the Internet. Under the current social and political circumstances (let’s not forget the womyns […]

Art Writing and Criticism

Put some colored girls in the MOMA…

I had to post something fun and random since I’ve been fixated a bit too much on art theory and philosophy lately. This past week, as I was walking back home from work and listening to Kanye and Jay-Z‘s reflection on art and artist muses on the track, “That’s my Bi*ch” on collaborative album, ‘Watch the Throne‘, […]

Art Performance and Conceptual

Sophie Calle: Absence of the Artist

From the documentation of sleepers to a man’s description of his life through the experiences of his colleagues, friends and family, Calle’s work emphasizes the absence of the artists to create portraits and capture universal ideas of contemporary life.