Artist: Scott Kildall


Artist: Justin Hoover


Artist: Tim Roseborough


Artist: Jennifer Locke


Artist: Lisa Blatt


Artist: Lisa Blatt


Artist: Antonio Cortez


Artist: Jim Campbell


Artist: Jim Campbell

Click on the image to visit The Spectacular Seat site

So, did you click on the image above to learn about The Spectacular Seat performance piece by Art Research Team (aka, artist, Tim Roseborough)? Go on, click on the image and read through the description and please feel free to submit a comment. I would like to know, do you think this is art? I’m interested to read your thoughts on the matter and would love to start a dialogue with you. By the way, this piece will be exhibiting at the Keeping an Eye on Surveillance show opening this weekend at the Performance Art Institute of San Francisco this Saturday, September 10, 2011.

Isn’t it funny walking into an elevator and everyone takes out their mobile phone and starts tinkering around with it? Pretending they have a message or playing Words with Friends. Or, even funnier, how I throw up the middle finger when someone I held the elevator door for completely blanks me and just blurts out, “3rd floor”, like I’m the mutherlovin’ elevator attendant. Hmph!!! Often times, I forget that there’s someone watching me. Imagine all of your actions captured on film, recorded, and archived. I should stop making nasty faces and throwing up my digitus medius when certain people leave the elevator but I highly doubt it. All of the times my Mom said I better watch the facial expressions I make because my face might stay that way, well, to a certain extent, she wasn’t lying. My face will stay that way (on film). Scary thought, eh?

Surveillance has been a topic I’ve covered in earlier posts but I’m bringing it up (once again) due to group exhibition opening, Keeping an Eye on Surveillance, Saturday, September 10th at the Performance Art Institute of San Francisco. The show is a provocative look at surveillance post 9/11 world through a wide array of artist perspectives. From visual to performative, the show will have you looking at your mobile device and everyday surroundings (even the restroom) with a keen and scrutinizing eye.

The Artists Showing are:

To learn more about the event, please click here.