Sunday is supposedly the Day of Rest…


La Pocha Nostra

Yet, I had to write a little something about the next piece I’m working on – La Pocha Nostra.

Yesterday, I attended the Corpo Illicito: The Post Human Society #69 performance piece at the SOMArts Cultural Center. There’s a lot of processing going on but I wanted to forewarn you of any photos I may post of the event (yes, it was one of those performance art pieces, photos will be for the extremely open-minded and for a more mature audience only).

For now, I’ll just say this, I’ve never experienced performance art like that. I’ve been to experimental/performance art pieces but this was intense. I’ll definitely be posting something a bit more polished in the next couple of weeks.

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5 responses to “Sunday is supposedly the Day of Rest…”

  1. Hmm, intriguing! That photo is like a live-action political cartoon.

    1. Hopefully, I can provide a write up that does the show justice. Of course, it being performance art, you will never get the same show twice. Then again, that’s like anything, everything is in flux (especially our perceptions) and your observation is pretty spot on, the troupe does do surreal acts that are pretty out of the ordinary. I will definitely be reporting sometime later this week or early next week. Thanks so much for the comment!

  2. Ooo, tantalizing! it seems i have no choice but to keep following your blog now, i’m too curious about all the intense NSFW stuff on its way (and since I have little W i am in the clear). by the way, your post-a-day project is inspiring me to actually post-at-all. soon!

    1. Thanks (yet again) for reading. As I mentioned to another blogger friend, I will be posting a write about about the Corpo Ilicito show later this week or early next week! Also, I’m glad my postaday challenge has sparked some kinda of inspiration. You’re, certainly, a great poet/writer. Hoping to see more of your stuff very soon. Again, thanks for reading!

      1. Likewise, and hope to see you back at the workshop soon!

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