Drawings in Progress

Indias Bravas #1 by Dorothy Santos, 8" x 11", Pen, marker, ink, and watercolor, 2010
Indias Bravas by Dorothy Santos, 23" x 30", Pen, marker, ink, acrylic, and watercolor, 2010

The Working in Series studio class with artist Pamela Lanza at the UC Berkeley Extension through the Art and Design program was one of the most wonderful experiences in 2010. It was a difficult year, to say the least. Yet, through the class, I learned so much about why I create art and why it is a huge part of my life.

More to follow…

4 responses to “Drawings in Progress”

  1. Wow Dorothy, I love these. The different planes of the top one are fascinating, and the bottom one has an enviable serenity; she looks calm and expectant.
    Are they self-portraits?

    1. Thank you, Kim (aka Fast), for the kind words!

      The top one is the size of a normal piece of paper. I worked on small scale, at first. As the the project evolved, I re-created the pieces on heavy watercolor paper (23″ x 30″). I’ll get into the project more with today’s post.

      To answer your question, they are not self portraits but I will be working on a series of self portraits this year, which I will definitely post. Thanks again, Kim! 🙂

  2. Very cool work. I have always wanted to try to print photos on watercolor paper to see how it turned out. These pieces are unique! I look at a lot of art and have never seen anything like your work. Bravo Dorothy.

    1. Thank you so much, my virtual friend, DPB! Very kind words, indeed. I still have ways to go and these are far from complete but it’s nice that they evolve along with me. By the way, thank YOU for your wonderful and thought provoking photography!

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