Conceptual Art…it’s alive…it’s ALIVE!

Few artistic movements are surrounded by so much debate and controversy as conceptual art. For conceptual art has a tendency to provoke intense and perhaps even extreme reactions in its audiences. After all, whilst some people find conceptual art very refreshing and the only kind of art that is relevant to today’s world, many others consider it shocking, distasteful, skill-less, downright bad, or, and most importantly, not art at all. Conceptual art, it seems, is something that we either love or hate.

~ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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After attending the Spread opening night exhibition at the SOMArts Cultural Center (San Francisco, CA), there’s a lot of reflection (and reading) I’ve got to do. There’s so much to say!! For your viewing pleasure, I posted a slideshow of some photos I took during the opening. I will, certainly, return with a deeper, lengthier piece (or several posts) on the entire show. Initial reaction: an incredible showcase of established and emerging conceptual artists. The overall conversation between the pieces was present and enthralling. Lastly, amazing use of the space.

Deeper reflections to follow…

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