At the Intersection of Art and Technology – The Future of Music

Interactive media artist, researcher, and entrepreneur, Scott Snibbe’s latest work, Björk’s Biophilia App Album. Snibbe’s work not only speaks to the future of music that goes beyond listening, it showcases the possibilities of allowing the end-user to have a unique experience. Please view the video above and click here to learn more about the artist.

3 responses to “At the Intersection of Art and Technology – The Future of Music”

  1. that was fun and nifty … would be neat to see in large public space! (ahhh … björk!)

    1. Yes, Bjork’s new app album looks amazing. It’s interesting you say you would like to see the interactive art work in a large public space because there is so much going on within the developer/programmer/creative coder world and such interactivity is definitely fast approaching!

  2. […] the post I referenced in the video regarding Scott Snibbe’s phenomenal work on Bjork’s latest […]

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