Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Call me a complete slave to work and mental productivity but I just had to do it. The online course is free and in partnership with Stanford’s Engineering Department. I’ve gotta say I’m a bit more partial to MIT’s Open Courseware BUT Stanford did get a lot of Press for this Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) class so I couldn’t resist the hype. Then again, my Mom reminds me that nothing is ever ‘free’. By the way, I acknowledge this endeavor will be time-consuming and I’m hoping my beloved doesn’t read this because she’s going to wonder about my already busy schedule and commitments. However, participants have the option of taking an advanced track (with homework and exams) OR basic track (logging onto the course site from time to time to learn more about the content). Easy! I’m not going to get into how I will approach the course and the subject matter but I’m hoping that it will give me a bit more insight into the world of AI as well as the infinite possibilities within the arts and technology realm.

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