If you can read this, YOU are very lucky!

Image Source: ahumanright.org

If you can ‘Like’, re-tweet, and/or respond to this, YOU are lucky. Are you able to imagine not being digitally connected to the world, to your friends, your family, and business partners and colleagues? What about your government disabling and/or prohibiting an internet connection? My mother has a Facebook account for goodness sake, which is great. Yet, there was a time and place where checking your e-mail, your Facebook messages, and updating your status was probably not a part of your daily routine. The world has changed. It is moving and evolving at an even faster rate. So, are you able to imagine your life unable to share so readily with the world? I admit, it would be difficult for me (considering my passion with the Arts and incessantly wanting to share with people). As we move forward in the digital age, old-fashioned wrist watches become vintage and final tweets memorialized, there is a disparity. An individual is unable to enjoy an app if they are far removed or unable to gain access to technology. In some situations, the digital world is rather exclusive versus inclusive. Wouldn’t you say?

A Human Right, organization founded by Kosta Grammatis, aims to help people around the world gain access to the internet. You may think this idea is incredibly idealistic. BUT it’s possible. It is absolutely worth giving people the opportunity to take part in a truly global discourse. Although an argument might be that the world would be glut with misinformation, well, it’s every single person’s responsibility to be both socially and intellectually conscious. Trust me, nothing great comes from exclusivity (some will debate me on this point, please do). A Human Right is moving in a great direction and have some really exciting things happening AND it calls my hometown, San Francisco, home (even sweeter)!!

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