People I’ve Loved Exhibition @ Wire + Nail Gallery

Four Poems of Love & a Sonnet of Despair by Carissa Potter

Hello friends and family!

If you find yourself roaming around San Francisco on Friday, February 10 not knowing what to do, please attend the opening for People I’ve Loved opening night at Wire + Nail Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District. It will be a great show!! Please see the press release below for details!


Tricia Rampe, Curator
Telephone: (415) 645-3805


Exhibition runs: Friday, February 10, 2012 – Friday, March 16, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, February 10, 2012 7PM -9PM
3150 18th Street (at Treat Avenue), Suite 104, San Francisco, CA 94110
Gallery hours: By Appointment Only

Wire + Nail Gallery is pleased to present People I’ve Loved, a collection of multimedia installations, drawings, and video installation by Carissa Potter. Please join us on Friday, February 10, 2012 from 7-9pm for the exhibition opening.

In a world filled with cynicism and despair, a lover of love in the arts is a rarity. Contemporary art often veers away from love as a subject matter. If love does find its way into an artwork, there’s a strong sense of irony or flippant use of the word and idea. Yet, with the perfect combination of authenticity and playfulness, Carissa Potter showcases the nature of amorous human interactions in such an undeniably beguiling way. Introducing new works in this exhibition, Potter addresses the physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual aspects of love and desire.

Potter introduces new works looking at the physical and emotional facets of love. Marry Me on Market is performance based piece where the artist conducts impromptu commitment ceremonies on one of the most highly trafficked streets in San Francisco. The participation requires one to be fearless and unafraid. While art work, All You Left Me, a necklace made from a human kidney stone calls to mind the belief in fetishes and amulets. Even though the necklace is all that is left, it serves a purpose. A reminder, a souvenir of love and loss. It marks a forgotten or remembered time. You Tell Me What I Want to Hear, interprets the game of Telephone within the context of love and longing. This piece serves as a playful look into how the our mind may perceive one thing but unable to trust what we actually hear. Finally, 5 Poems of Love and A Sonnet of Despair, by Pablo Nuerda serves as a metaphor to the way in which love may be understood. The longing to translate something enigmatic and realizing, through the translation, familiarity resides. Potter’s translations mimic the way love is felt, instantaneously and without regard to any concept of what is right or wrong but what is felt.

About the Artist

Carissa Potter is a person who lives in San Francisco, California. Carissa currently is working on her first solo show at Wire and Nail Gallery, in the past she has shown at SomArts, E6 Gallery, Kitsch Gallery, and Root Division. She has been a featured artist in Asterisk Magazine, Conveyor Arts Magazine, HoneyDove, Mauve Gallery Journal, Site95, and FFFound. Carissa is a founding member of Colpa Press, a concept based print operation. For more information about Carissa, visit or Thank-you for reading and have a nice day.

Learn more about Carissa Potter here

About Wire + Nail Gallery

Wire + Nail Gallery is located in heart of the San Francisco’s Mission District. The store-front art space was founded in February 2011 by Art Dealer, Tricia Rampe. Wire + Nail focuses on supporting emerging artists, web-based projects, and fostering Bay Area regionalism. Wire + Nail is available for art openings and single night events. Rental of the space is also available by request.

Gallery hours are based on appointments. To visit, please call (415) 645-3805 or e-mail and is located at 3150 18th Street (at Treat Avenue), Suite 104, San Francisco, CA 94110

Learn more about Wire + Nail Gallery here

2 responses to “People I’ve Loved Exhibition @ Wire + Nail Gallery”

  1. I’d love to, but is there any other day than Friday? (Love in the Arts? Sounds like powerful, challenging stuff.)

    I see now–gallery hours are based on appointment.

    (By the way, a graphic designer came to mind. His website is I don’t know what’s happening with him now, but I’ll send him link and hopefully he’ll join your community of artists.)

    1. Thanks so much for spreading the word about my blog. That means a lot. I will have to check out his site. Regarding the opening, it will be amazing. Hoping you are able to make it. If not, you can also view Carissa’s work online. If you’ve got a hankering for seeing it in person, Tricia Rampe is the gallery director for Wire + Nail and is more than happy to schedule private viewings. Again, Carissa’s show will be wonderful. I’m a huge fan of her work.

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