My first Augmented Reality Piece! Something New to Hang on the Fridge!!

With the help of new media artist, Scott Kildall

Here’s my augmented reality piece for the I Am Crime exhibition currently showing at SOMArts Cultural Center! This piece was made during the Making Art with Augmented Reality workshop taught by John Craig Freeman. With the help of Bay Area new media artists DC Spensley and Scott Kildall (artist attacked by my Golden Knife above), I was able to learn a lot about Layar and creating augments. It was A LOT of fun. More to follow. At the moment, I’m working feverishly on lots of writing, which I will be posting in the next few days.

Also, curious, how do you perceive my augment (or, virtual art piece)? What do you think it symbolizes? In addition, I placed my golden knife in one of the San Francisco museums. I’m wondering if you can guess which one…

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2 responses to “My first Augmented Reality Piece! Something New to Hang on the Fridge!!”

  1. Regarding augmented reality, this reminds me of three days when I was on the patch (to quit smoking). It was REAL!

    I navigated upwards in full control, but didn’t know how to land. It was like a LUCID DREAM.
    I did it again next day and taught myself to land. (Day three I stopped the patch because it gave me blisters.)
    Regarding I Am Crime: Art on the Edge of Law, I say by all means BREAK THE LAW when it’s justified, ESPECIALLY if you’re an artist!

    Also, I got TWO LAUGHS:
    1) I Fought the Law: A Conversation with Artists & Attorneys, and
    2) When Uncle Sam actually intervened in I Am Crime.
    Carry on, kids- you do your forebears proud!

    1. If you have time, please go to SOMArts Cultural Center and check out the I Am Crime show before it closes. Actually, the closing reception is April 19 AND you will be able to see a print out of my augmented reality piece!! Exciting stuff!!

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