Header Footer Gallery Presents: Being a POC in The Art World, Episode 3

Image description: A grid of six POC artists and educators against a pink, yellow, and orange gradient background with the text Ep. 3 HF Gallery Presents: Being POC in The Art World with a red rectangular button with a white play symbol in the middle.

This past month, I had the pleasure of being in conversation with the Header / Footer Gallery curator Rene Cepeda, NMC Board member Constanza Salazar, and producer Harshini Karunaratne. It was great to be a guest alongside two incredible artists and educators. One of them was Kiley Brandt. She is a video artist and visiting professor of Digital Media at Clemson University 2022-2023. The other wonderful artist was alejandro t. acierto who is also a musician, and curator. We discussed the challenges of being a POC person in the art world and how that has impacted and influenced our academic work, scholarship, and creative practices.

Please click directly on the embedded video to view the episode.

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