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Notes on metamodernism is a webzine documenting trends and tendencies across aesthetics and culture that can no longer be understood by a postmodern vernacular but require another idiom – one that we have come to call metamodernism. Written by academics and critics from around the globe, Notes on metamodernism features observations on anything from the […]

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Understanding Perception, Part II – From Eye Anatomy to Mental Capacity

I had two entertaining conversations (both on separate occasions) in the past two weeks. The Understanding Perception posts are dedicated to two intelligent men who, admittedly, have said, “I don’t get it!” when discussing Modern and Contemporary Art. Their innate curiosity and willingness to exchange ideas prompted me to write. Now, Justin and Josef, I’m not trying to persuade you […]

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Traditional art meet Digital Art. Be nice.

[Traditional Art enters the room] Dorothy (DS): Hey Traditional!! I’m glad you could make it. I really wanted you to meet my friend, Digital. I know you’ve heard a lot about her. She’s amazing! Just like you! Traditional: I don’t know about this. I’ve heard a lot about Digital. She moves way too fast. I […]

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Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert – Urban Visions Panel Discussion

Talented and humorously prophetic artists, Packard Jennings and Steve Lambert, collaborated with a multi-faceted group of panelists from transportation to urban development consulting and architecture.