Photos of my Studio Visit with Allison Holt

There is SO much going on BUT I had to take the time to share a few photos I took during my studio visit with new media artist, Allison Holt. I’m looking forward to settling down and writing a piece about my conversation and visit with Holt. Her re-telling and artworks of the different energies and hybrid realities through her Fulbright research of Javanese culture is not only fascinating but yet another example of how artists can impact a community and engage in dialogue and discourse across cultures. Again, looking forward to posting parts of my interview with Holt as well as some reflection on her work.

I previously posted videos of the Hypercubes here. They’re extremely meditative, which I will get into during my write-up. For now, enjoy the studio visit photos and videos! If you have any burning questions and/or comments, please feel free to share and comment below. 🙂

2 responses to “Photos of my Studio Visit with Allison Holt”

  1. My Rorschach response to photos:

    Devo, Chemical Chain, Splitting Molecule/Creme Cake Sandwich, Stalactites, Baguio, Sharpies to my right sans ‘Paint’, Singularity, like my room once (mathematical formulas tacked on the wall, which I replaced with “Make-A-Face”, 30 different facial expressions to practice when having a conversation with the deaf) but without philosophical thought & art.

    Are all of the Hypercubes really cubes? Because some look more rectangular, and maybe that’s the point.

    Looking forward to your discussion/interview with Allison Holt.

    1. Your gut responses to Allison’s work are fantastic.

      The cubes are not perfect cubes but if you watch the hypercube videos and the projections going through the curves and indentations give the illusion that they are these larger than life objects. My reflection on Allison’s work will take some time due to some other deadlines but it’s a good thing since I really want to spend some quality time on her work. I definitely am looking forward to posting it.

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