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What if your entire body could run a program? Looking at the Body, Senses, and Imagination in relation to Creative Coding

With a multitude of writing projects going on simultaneously, I didn’t want this one to get left on the virtual stack under the virtual paperweight. I’m hoping to perhaps lengthen this piece and bring in some research. For now, I’ll share it with the world and for anyone interested in reading it. It’s about the work […]

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bodyf*ck: gestural brainf*ck interpreter “HI”

bodyfuck: gestural brainfuck interpreter. “HI” from nik hanselmann on Vimeo. This is an artist you need to keep you eye on…seriously. His name is Nik Hanselmann.


Nik Hanselmann, Artist

To learn more about Nik’s work, please click here. Currently working on a piece about Nik’s work. He’s an incredibly intelligent, talented, and humble guy. I couldn’t help but reflect on something he shared with me recently about Video and Programming (related to new media arts). Here’s what he said… I am a big believer that […]

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Visualizing Traffic in Rome, Paris, and Tel Aviv

Please view the Fast Company article here to learn more about these amazing visualizations created by artists, Cullen Miller (music), Nik Hanselmann (visuals), and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA)! Being a GAFFTA volunteer, I get to work with these incredible minds!! 🙂