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Don’t Hate on the Forward Thinker

The percussed victims of the new technology have invariably muttered cliches about the impracticality of artists and their fanciful preferences. But in the past century it has come to be generally acknowledged that, in the words of Wyndham Lewis, “The artist is always engaged in writing a detailed history of the future because he is […]

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Draft Mode | Inner Monologue Reaching Out

In Progress: A Place for New Media by Dorothy Santos ~ This Piece is currently Under Construction With Adobe’s Museum of Digital Art, Google’s Art Project, and increasing amount of artists presence on the web, the contemporaneous issues facing the art world entail, first and foremost, a lack of definition around what is considered New […]

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Carissa Potter – Artist Profile

Anais Nin once said that the role of the writer is to not to say what we can but to say what we cannot. The sentiment certainly translates well into the visual arts. Often, dishonesty abounds in everyday pleasantries, which is why the artist strives to reveal the truths of human interaction. To detect the […]

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Video of Julien Berthier’s Love-love


Free Ai Weiwei

Art Artist's Studio

Artist’s Thrive at Rock Paper Scissor Collective (Oakland, CA)

The Rock Paper Scissors Collective (RPSC) is an Oakland (CA) based organization that seeks to connect with the Bay Area community. Currently, they are seeking artists (all kinds) for their Professional Development Series called, “Artist’s Thrive”. It’s a 16 week series that explores many facets involved in both creating and promoting one’s work. The series […]