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Postcards? Yup, there’s an app for that!

Although I’m not too particularly fond of the name, iPhone application, Hipster, offers the end user the ability to send postcards virtually. In a matter of seconds, I was able to create a nifty postcard of our descent onto La Guardia Airport! Once you select a photo, you pick your postcard theme, flip the postcard […]

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Virgin Flyer

Yes, I’m on vacation and still acclimating to time zones. I’m also blogging via my phone, which seems apropo and trying to capture the interesting stuff. My first experience of Virgin America was great (and it didn’t hurt – okay, bad joke). I can see why people love flying VA!! Red: An Interactive Experience really […]

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Leaving on a jet plane…

Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Actually, I do, I’ll be back in San Francisco before Halloween! Anyway, I wanted to catch up on posts amd make sure you were able to check out the current exhibition, Revolutions per Minute: The Evolution of the Record, at SFO near the Virgin America gates. Pretty rad!! […]

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The Venomous Visionary

Driving into work, I was listening to John Markoff (on NPR) talk about Steve Jobs. It’s pretty difficult to get away from the innovator’s passing. Witnessing the stream of articles, memorials, re-tweets, and posts sprawling through the virtual landscape, it was inevitable writing about it today.   Jobs passing reminds me that 30/40 something year olds fall into a very interesting place […]

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Call me a complete slave to work and mental productivity but I just had to do it. The online course is free and in partnership with Stanford’s Engineering Department. I’ve gotta say I’m a bit more partial to MIT’s Open Courseware BUT Stanford did get a lot of Press for this Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) class […]

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What’s a Pearltree anyway?

  Go on…click on the Pearl for some awesomeness. You don’t even have to click your heels. I’ve already done that for you. 😉