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George Legrady, Artist

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Spread, Part III – Tony Labat + Guy Overfelt

If there is one thing I’ve learned about art, it’s that anything goes. Gesture and the body are integral components that make Tony Labat and Guy Overfelt’s work so difficult to deny. The physicality involved in the making of their pieces is part of the creative process as well as the end result. After attending […]

Conceptual Multi Media Performance and Conceptual Photography

The Body as Subject (and Material)

Guy Overfelt, Taser (by proxy), single channel video, 1998 If you think all artists are quiet and sensitive, then you’ve probably never been a witness to Tony Labat and Guy Overfelt’s work. For Part III, I will be covering the pieces they selected for the Spread exhibition. For now, click here to view Guy Overfelt’s site. […]

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Video of Julien Berthier’s Love-love

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KQED SPARK Video of Paul Kos

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Spread, Part II – Paul Kos + Julien Berthier

An artist goes in and out of shape. And by that I mean, very similar to being an athlete. When an athlete’s in shape, every movement that they do comes intuitively. In art, when you’re in shape, ideas are coming faster than you have time to make them. Being in shape is really being able to see accidents. […]